Mind-blowing #MedX

Sounds like a different title if you read it real fast! Ha!

Well, here we are, almost a month out from #MedX. What a trip of a lifetime, holy moly! Going into it, I didn’t realize how much it would change my life for the better. My brain feels like it is overflowing with information, and I don’t know how to get it all out on this virtual paper. So I’ll start here…

Tonight, I presented to my hospital/clinic advisory committee my top 3 things from MedX that impacted me the most. I will talk about one now.

“Playing doctor” in the simulation lab.
I had to tell an actress/patient that she had the made-up fatal disease called Syndrome X, and the only way to treat it was with the super expensive drug called Medicine X. I skimmed through her medical exam, ignored her telling me her husband had recently died, and jumped to her diagnosis, treatment, and waved her goodbye in an often too real situation.

Then we debriefed! I don’t know if it is an honor or not to be told by Tessa Richards, senior editor from the BMJ, that you(me) were rude to a patient! (I sat across the table from Tessa Richards from the BMJ…holy exciting, nerding out moment, I have a journalism major and health minor!!!)
After a heated debate of what it’s really like as a patient and/or doctor…I had to drop the truth bomb! I was THAT patient who had those doctors skim over MY emotional hurt.

In the spring of 2009, my best friend went missing under suspicious circumstances, was found a month later in the Mississippi River, his autopsies showed more suspicious evidence, the police swept it all under the rug, it was in the news a ton, lots of traumatic things happened, my name was in the news a lot…and then it was all too real.
I was young and depressed, had chronic disease(s), and my doctors skimmed right over the fact that I wanted AND needed help. I was THAT patient. The very people that were supposed to help me…skimmed right over.

The time in the simulation lab made us all real people. Suddenly, we were all on the same, level-playing field, because they saw how we see them and vice versa. I think we all could have sat in that room and talked for hours, because we all had a new connection with one another. We had better understandings and wanted to make communication in the healthcare world better.

The whole conference felt like one big happy family! Let’s be honest, some doctors and researchers can be intimidating! But at MedX, I felt like we could all look one another in the eye and just be people. I have never felt that anywhere else in my life. It made me so damn happy to be there and learn from providers, researchers, med students, patients, and other people that had a connection to the healthcare world.

After MedX, I had an appointment with my rheumatologist and neurologist. I wished I could have bundled you all up and brought you with to my appointments. You people make me whole!

I love all of you!


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