A Swedish girl living in a Swedish state (of mind?) called Minnesota. Yes, I took geography. Yes, I know Minnesota is in the US of A! I also sound Canadian. Yeah, you betcha. Any who, where I live, everyone has saunas. That is SOWWWna, not SAW NAH! We happen to call ours a BASTU. That is BAH-Stew. Bastus are hot, steamy rooms that we use when it is forty below zero outside or even when it is eighty above zero out and we have a lake to jump into…for both of those.

Modig, pronounced mow-dig, is something we also celebrate up in the great northwoods. It is to be BRAVE.

Life requires that I be brave. With lots of ups and downs in life, with a whole bunch of health hazards sprinkled in. From Lyme Disease to Ankylosing Spondylitis to possibly some neurological or muscular addition, life has sprinkled me with random and sometimes bizarre health challenges. Mixed all in there, my best friend went missing, may have been abducted, and ended up in the Mississippi River a month later, dead. I’ve had to learn to live again and again.

Thank god for humor! Although I don’t really thank god anymore, because he/she/it/they have really dropped the ball on me too many times! Sometimes it is easier just believing in the fact that the sun really rise again. Because it has…one day at a time.


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